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Bobby “Bass” Waters


Image credit: Bobby Waters

During my perennial surf of the Internet searching for good music and outstanding artists (to survive to the musical trash transmitted continuously by the so-called “mainstream”), I have met Bobby Bass.
Bobby, whose real name is Bobby Waters, is an American bass vocalist and voice artist from Massachusetts.
He is gifted with an uncommon vocal range, from A0 to E5 🙂 , but he surprises most for his bass range that gave him the nickname Bobby Bass.

He has a huge presence on social media on many platforms, involving in various music genres and often performing with other artists and ensembles, like for example Malinda or The Bass Singers of TikTok, just to mention a few.

The following is selection of his presence on the web to introduce him.

Drunken Sailor

I discovered Bobby Bass hitting this video on YouTube, where he performs the song Drunken Sailor with Malinda and other artists like Seth Staton Watkins, Mia AsanoPiper Ally and Cullen Vance.
This is an example of the many genres that Bobby challenges, because Drunken Sailor belongs to the sea shanty genre that indicates work songs that were sung to accompany rhythmical labor aboard large merchant sailing vessels in the past.

Hoist the Colours

This is another very suggestive performance of Bobby with the bass vocalists ensemble called The Bass Singers of TikTok, the song Hoist the Colours from the Pirates of the Caribbean saga soundtrack.

Silence your phone, low the lights, rise the volume or listen to it with an headphone:

O’ Death

Again a suggestive performance of Bobby with other vocalists. The song now is O’ Death, a traditional Appalachian folk song used in the Supernatural TV series OST.
Same suggestion, take your time and create the right ambient to listen to it:


Bobby versatility

As already written, Bobby Waters is a very versatile vocalist able to perform many genres.
The following are just 2 examples amongst the many that you can find on the Internet.
This is an Acapella cover version of Copycat song from Billie Eilish, again performed with other artists:

And this is My Mother Told Me with The Wellermen:

Follow Bobby Bass

To stay in touch and follow this artist, this is his website where you can find links to all his profiles on the various platforms.

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