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The song of Wednesday dance

La versione in Italiano di questo articolo è disponibile qui: La canzone del ballo di Mercoledì Addams.


Photo credit: Netflix

Everybody is talking about Wednesday Addams dance in these days!!!!

Don’t you know what we are talking about? Well, Wednesday is a Netflix series  inspired to the character girl Wednesday Addams belonging to The Addams Family American television series dated 1964.

Into one episode of this popular series Wednesday, interpreted by the actress Jenna Ortega, performed a dance scene during a ball at the Nevermore Academy that she attends that became immediately viral.

This is the dance scene official clip on Netflix YouTube channel:

Goo Goo Muck, the song of the dance


Photo credit: The Cramps

Are you curious about the track used for the dance? It is Goo Goo Muck by The Cramps, and not Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga as many believe, see next chapter.

The Cramps were an American band active between 1976 and 2006. Its basic nucleus was composed by an husband and wife duo, the singer Lux Interior (real name Erick Lee Purkhiser) and guitarist Poison Ivy (real name Kristy Marlana Wallace).

They are recognized as the progenitors of the psychobilly genre, that fuses elements of punk rock and rockabilly together. You can read more about the band here.

The Wednesday dance scene uses just parts of the song, this is the integral official audio:

Are you wondering “what a f..k Goo Goo Muck means?” ? Well, according to this article on Song Meanings + Factsis some type of a beast who is also a human teenager” ….

This a live exhibition of The Cramps playing Goo Goo Muck in the 80s I suppose:

The Bloody Mary remix

Interestingly, after Wednesday dance scene became viral, a remix appeared on the Web that substituted Goo Goo Muck with a speed up Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga, that went viral too!
That much viral that somebody who had not seen the episode on Netflix believed that this was the dance scene song.
A waste of time i.m.o., anyway this is such remix:

The original Wednesday Addams dance

But we must finish with the original Wednesday Addams dance!!!!! 😊
Yes, the one on Netflix series is not the first one, look at this:

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