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Smart Organizer, a New Way to Organize Rehearsals and Concerts

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Smart Organizer screenshot

Do you play in a band, a musical band? There is Smart Organizer, a new way to organize rehearsal and concerts between the members of the group.

Musical bands and groups are typically formed by a number of elements that ranges between 3 and 8.

Any band in the world needs to arrange rehearsals and live exhibitions, where of course every element must be present. Talking about for example 5 musicians, it can be a hard task using usual means like messaging apps, e-mails, social networks, telephone calls and so on, because one says or writes that “any day in this week is ok for me“, another that “any day except Monday and Wednesday“, a third that “not this week please, the next one is ok” …. a real, real mess !!!!

These arrangements are made extremely easy by Smart Organizer, a brand new Internet based service.

Let’s discover together what it is and how beneficial can be for bands and groups.

What is Smart Organizer

Smart Organizer is an Internet based service, a service that can be used via any device that is able to access the Internet like smartphones, tablets, laptop or desktop computers. It is free for its base services.

It describes itself as “thought to help people organize their everyday life and facilitate the arrangement of meetings of groups of persons that share common interests.“, and in fact it can be useful not only for bands but even for other typologies of groups of persons like friends, families, business teams, associations.

Concepts and terms

It is based on a few concepts and terms:

the user, a registered person that can access the service via a classic username and password. In order to register you have to provide only a username and a valid e-mail address, that will be used to send you the first password decided by the system in order to verify that you are e real person and not a spam robot. The password can be changed later once accessed the site into the my profile page;

the group, a group of users that shares interests together and need to arrange events related to these interests, like a band and its rehearsals and live exhibitions for example;

the group master, that is the user that created the group. She/he is the only one that has the right to add or remove members to the group and eventually delete it;

the group membersusers that the group master has added as members to the group;

the marks,  a visual way to indicate to the other members of a group your availability for a day. The possible marks are:

No Mark no mark

Proposal proposal: you propose to arrange an event for this day. If you want to provide more information write a message too.

mark_free free: this day is free, can be used for the group.

mark_maybe_busy maybe busy: this day probably is busy, you will know later. Cannot be used for the group.

mark_busy busy: this day is busy, cannot be used for the group.

the text messages, short messages that every group member can associate to every single day in order to provide additional information for the other group members;

Other characteristics

According to the information readable into Smart Organizer help pages, it is focused on one event per day, and a couple of clicks are enough to mark it for the other members of the group: free, than usable for the group, busy, than cannot be used for the group, and so on. Moreover every group member can associate one text message to each day if desired.

Every user choice is memorized into Smart Organizer server, not into the device that you are currently using. This means that accessing the service from different devices you will be presented with the same situation that you left the last time. Imagine for example that you could access the service from a desktop computer while you are at work, than from a mobile device while you are around, and you will always find your last selections.

It is device independent because is responsive to any kind of device that can access the Internet like smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops, independently from their brand, model, operating system or Internet browser.

How a band can organize rehearsals and concerts with Smart Organizer

Into Smart Organizer help section there is a well done example of how a band can use the service that we suggest you to read (inspired by The Blues Brothers movie, very funny 🙂 ), no login is needed to have a tour around.

Smart Organizer amongst various operative pages like Group Selection or Groups Management has at its core the Organizer page, that is the heart of the service. Without repeating the procedure that is explained into the example mentioned above, we use an image contained into it to describe this page:


Band example

On the top of the page there are some commands (the buttons) and some information, like the selected group name, in this case “The Band”, and the group members names like YOU, Elwood, Steve “Colonel” Cropper, and so on.

On the left side there is a calendar column that indicates days dates. All the information related to a single day are contained into its horizontal row.

In the center of the page each group member has assigned a vertical column for her/his marks. Each group member can change only the marks belonging to her/his column, highlighted by a dark yellow background, the other columns are not editable.

On the right side there is the text messages area. Text messages can be added or not by the group members, it is facultative, but any of them has her/his space. In case that more text messages or long ones are present, the box shows only a part and indicates with “more ….” that only a part is visible. Clicking on the box all the text messages will be displayed into a specific pop-up where you can edit even your one.

Scrolling vertically or horizontally the page, especially if you are using a mobile device, the upper part and the left calendar column will be dynamically repositioned in order to identify associations of days to rows and group members  to columns even if a limited part of the page is visible.

Note how entering into this Organizer page a glance is enough to understand that on May 6th and 7th there are no arrangements for sure with the Band (the day is red colored), while on May 8th there is a rehearsal agreed (the entire row of that day is green colored). Imagine to reach the same result using messaging apps, e-mails, social networks or telephone calls …..

Note even the following advantages:

  • each member of the Band can access the Organizer page in different moments without the need to interact directly with the others, and notify his/her availability or not and proposals;
  • the Organizer page can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection available via a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, smartphone, and so on;
  • for each day a row condensates all the necessary information intuitively presented, even eventual messages that can provide additional details if necessary;

And now, give it a try!

Well, now it is time for you to give Smart Organizer a try.

The service gives the possibility to have a tour logging automatically in as a “guest“, where the only restriction is that actions like save, create or delete will not produce any effect, or alternatively you can explore its help section, no login is needed.

Then you can register to the service, that is completely free for its base features.


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