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GONG-Oh review of music and songs in L’Aquila, Italy

GONG-Oh bill

GONG-Oh bill


GONG-Oh is a musical review organized by the Cultural Association L’Idea di Clèves for the first time this year in L’Aquila, Italy, the city that was hit and seriously destroyed by a hearthquake in 2009.

The happening is scheduled on the 1st and 2nd July, 2011 at the foyer of Teatro Comunale.

It is a competition for musicians, bands and songwriters, divided into two sections:

  • artists performing their own proprietary works
  • artists performing works of others like cover of famous songs both Italian or international

You can download here the regulation of competition, where the following are the most important points:

  • there will be an award of 500 € for the best original work plus another award of 500 € for the best cover performed
  • The Association L’Idea di Clèves will provide hospitality and a contribution on travel expenses for the artists resident over 125 km far from the event. In case of bands, in order to qualify for these helps at least half of members must reside over 125 km far from the event.
  • registration is free

Subscriptions are already open and will be until 5th June, and in order to participate you have to fill the on-line registration form that you can find here.

Contacts and useful information

Cultural Association L’Idea di Clèves website:  www.cleves.it/en/expo.htm



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