Jan '11

Musician Land is on-line !

Hello, world !

Musician Land website has been launched today, with the mission of promoting and diffusing music in all its endless aspects for musicians and music passionates without genre limitations.

Typical arguments that will be treated by our articles are musical instruments and related equipments, playing techniques, musicians, bands, but even songs, albums, motion picture’s soundtracks.

Our articles can be serious or funny, long or short, depends on what we are writing about, but we strive to offer you a content that is worth reading. We don’t force us to publish something regularly, if we don’t have anything interesting to write about, we don’t write. We are content-oriented.

The reasons why you should enjoy visiting our site could be:

  • you are looking for leisure, relax, fun, and want to spend some good time reading about music and listening to it
  • you want to improve your musical culture
  • you are looking for tips, tricks or playing techniques about a specific instrument
  • you want to discover more about your favorite singer, band, song or album

just to mention a few.

Musician Land will be presented in English language in the beginning, Italian language will be added soon and probably other ones later.

Thank you for visiting us,

Valerio Martinuzzi.

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